My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

 Let’s Get Weird Neon Sign

Nothing will set the mood for a long night of freaky butt stuff quite like turning on this “Let’s Get Weird” neon sign. The sign measures 1.8″ x 9.4″ and emits a neon pink hue that will instantly signal that it’s sexy fun time.


The Volcano Ashtray

Why would anyone ever settle for a plain old ashtray when they can put out their smokes on the volcano ashtray?! The smoke from your cigarette will seep through the opening at the top, creating the illusion of a miniature erupting volcano.

EM3-Stellar 4K Mixed Reality Glasses

These EM3-Stellar 4K mixed reality glasses will revolutionize how you game and view your content on-the-go. These stylish glasses are compatible with smartphones, consoles, PCs and will treat you to an incredibly immersive 800″ screen.


Star Night Projector for Sleep/Party

This light could improve your sleep at night, therapy your sleep disorder. Night Light Projector with Music Speaker & Remote Control for Bedroom/Party/Home Decor, Starry Projector with Voice Control and Timer for Kids & Adults.


The Gingerbread Kama Sutra

Stir up delicious naughtiness in the kitchen with The Gingerbread Kama Sutra. Inside this vibrant cookbook, you’ll find 25 mouth-watering and easy-to-follow recipes for making risqué and delectable vegan gingerbread cookies


OmniShelf Magnetic Workstation

The OmniShelf magnetic workstation will keep you organized and working comfortably at nearly any job site. Measuring 17″ x 15″ x 3″, this handy and capable station can attach to a variety of metallic surfaces to provide you with a sturdy and spacious work space.


Tactical Cargo Socks

These tactical Cargo Socks will make a fine addition to any avid outdoorsman’s wardrobe. Apart from keeping your feet warm and comfy, they come outfitted with large waterproof pockets that will keep your essentials dry, protected, and always handy.


Samurai Sword Letter Opener

Slice open your mail with striking precision by using the Samurai sword letter opener. This stainless steel letter opener comes styled like a traditional Japanese Samurai sword, right down to the black cord-wrapped handle. It also makes a great display mounted on its rack.


Emergency Breathing System

Increase your chances of survival during a home fire by having this emergency breathing system at your side. This life-saving device is designed to prevent smoke inhalation by filtering out chemical substances and removing carbon monoxide for up to five minutes.

My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Teach your future professional/leader about one of the most iconic women of the last 100 years with the My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The book follows the late Justice’s life from childhood all the way to her years on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Rainbow Backlit Keyboard

Give your workstation a multicolored makeover by incorporating the rainbow backlit keyboard into the mix. This technicolor component features a sturdy space bar designed for gaming and comes equipped with laser-carved keys that light up in a bevy of colors.

Ice Ball Press

Quit settling for watered down drinks by making your own ice spheres using this ice ball press. This aircraft grade aluminum press perfectly crafts 2.4 inch ice spheres in just one minute so that you can get to enjoying your chilled beverage with less dilution.

Among us Night Light 3D Illusion Lamp

3D Illusion Night Light. The table lamp will not only brings you unique lighting, the optical acrylic plate engraved with lines creates a gorgeous 3D lighting effect, and its design has a realistic 3D shape to create a perfect 3D illusion

SprayCare Disinfectant Band

Disinfect your world Spider-Man style with the SprayCare disinfectant band. This modern-day must-have accessory is lightweight, stylish, comfortable, and is designed to spray a sanitizing liquid that will disinfect anything you come into close contact with.

Ting: The World’s Most Compact Premium TWS Earbuds


Ting: The World’s Most Compact Premium TWS Earbuds

Metal Hollow Design | Touch Control | Thinnest Charging Capsule | 30hr Playback | Noise Reduction | Separate Connection | BT5.0


Introducing Ting, the world’s most compact premium TWS earbuds, which snug fit into your ears, with greatly crafted metal matte texture, low power consumption Bluetooth 5.0 separate connection, and highly responsive touch control.

It provides a premium listening experience like none of your earbuds. What’s more, with the advanced built-in chipset algorithm and dual-mic environment noise canceling, making phone calls in public locations is just a breeze.

True wireless earbuds are great in removing tangled wires but we think there’s still room for improvements. Typical earbuds in the market are mostly made of plastic which is easily scratched, worn, and torn. And with the design of all shapes and variants, they don’t necessarily provide an easy-to-manage experience.

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Superior to other products, Ting is exquisitely crafted with the most compact aluminum structure, providing not only the high-level minimalist looking, but stable performance, robustness, easy-to-maintain property. Sized at 57.5 * 46 * 18mm, it fits right in the palm. Whenever you take the charging capsule out, flip to open the cover, it feels like a box of mints.
The metal hollow design is custom made and strategically lets the cross-section of each earbud to face up so that they never fall out and ensures safe connection and charging on any occasion!

One complaint that you may have on other TWS earbuds is the interruption when you swift from one earbud to the other or when one of them is draining out of the battery. Utilizing the cutting edge TrueWireless Mirroring Technology, each of the Ting earbuds is connected to your device independently to ensure in the circumstance when one earbud drop offline, the other keeps the task goes on seamlessly.

Whenever you’re listening to music, podcast, watching videos, playing games, making calls, forever gone is the sudden interruption.

Ting is designed to include a highly responsive touch control panel on each earbud so that you may access pre/next track, answer/hang outcall, volume up/down, call Siri/Google Assistant without having to pull out your phone.


The touch-sensitive area is delicately optimized so when you tap once, twice or 3 times, the earbuds respond correctly and quickly like a smart in-ear companion. Enjoy a real wireless listening experience!

We have the experience of having other earbuds fall out when moving or feeling extremely stressed and painful wearing them and we definitely HATE it. Bearing in mind to make a pair of earbuds that is comfy fit and secure to wear lets us set off.

Our engineers devoted countless hours into the research and study of different ear canals and collecting feedback of real listeners and finally decided on the semi in-ear design on Ting – it stays secure right there no matter you’re commuting, jogging, or going all out at the gym.

Most importantly, the earbuds won’t squeeze the ear canals, what you’ll feel is even nothing for a day long-wearing.

Each earbud is equipped with built-in chipset noise-canceling technology and dual mics to effectively filter noises from your surroundings so that you can have a clear conversation even if it is in the street, railway station, or airport.

The external mic listens to unwanted ambient noises and filters out up to 30dB in real-time with adaptive beamforming, so that you may immerse yourself in the music while keeping alert of the traffic, broadcast, or alarm.

Ting comes with Bluetooth 5.0, the most advanced and stable wireless technology, featuring quicker data transfer, lower latency, a higher level of stability, and less power consumption. Enjoying a non-obstacle transfer range of 30 feet, your Ting will pair automatically in an unnoticeable instant.

You may enjoy playing games, viewing online programs, or having facetime with no lag, no interruption, only seamless premium sound. Moreover, when you take the earbuds off your ears, they will intelligently pause to save energy. When you put them back in the charging capsule, they will turn off to start charging. You’ll never have to find out how to pair, or wasting time navigating menus.


Each Ting earbud lasts for 6 hours for playback, 5.5 hours for a phone conversation, 70 hours for standby. The charging capsule is 300mAh, so a total of max 30 hours of playtime keeps your day at dynamic beats wherever you go.

When the charging capsule is out of energy, you may plug in a USB C cable for fast charging. Ting is by now the thinnest and most compact model to equip with this advanced feature.

The slimmest design doesn’t mean we would sacrifice sound quality. In fact, Ting is probably the best sounding earbuds that you always look for on mid-priced earbuds.

Ting has a 13mm high-quality driver in each independent sound chamber, producing high definition sound, balanced mid frequencies, and powerful bass. Wearing the earbuds does not only bring a pleasant feeling because they look cool, stylish but also allows you to truly enjoy the premium sound like high-end products can do.

Our engineers had been working devotedly to optimize and tune the frequency ranges.

We think Ting is the perfect earbuds for office workers, commuters, travelers, music lovers, and gadget enthusiasts based on its slim design, compact size, robust metallic texture, and great sound. Learning Kickstarter is a great community to make ideas and innovations known, so we are here. We wish to hear the community’s voices on the product, on how to make the product better, on what other complaints they have so far on earbuds.

Risks and challenge

The project is in test production. As far as we see it, there are no issues with production and logistics. We have invested a lot sum into the R&D, molding, and idea verification, now we will be moving steps forward. We have the faith that by making the earbuds available to the consumers, we will get a better insight into the real demand and yearning.

  The Ting team has nearly 5-year experience collaborating with the industry’s veteran international delivery company. Except the force majeure, we will make every effort to deliver as what we declare in the project. However, if there are other extreme conditions that cause delivery delays, we will keep in-time project updates so that backers will be informed of new progress.

LinkLens: The World's 1st Open Air Smart Audio Snow Goggles


LinkLens: The World's 1st Open Air Smart Audio Snow Goggles

Music Playing | Phone Calling | Voice Assistant | Wind Noise Cancellation | Single-Ear Mode | Uni-body Design | Comfort-Fit | Anti-fog


LinkLens are professional snow goggles with an audio-enabled system designed for ski and snow sports enthusiasts. LinkLens uses cutting-edge Open Air Audio and Dual-mic Noise Cancellation technologies to deliver superior music listening in windy conditions. Combined with the Single-ear Mode, LinkLens enables crystal-clear calls while allowing you to stay alert to your surroundings. With a single button press, your voice assistant is on standby for hands-free control and helpful information.

Its professional-level lens design delivers a clearer and expanded view for sharper vision and safer adventures. All of which, combined with a unibody design and memory plastic frame by TPU material, makes LinkLens flexible and impact resistant. Stay connected, safe, and immersed in sound for all snow sports!

Worried about the headphones dropping in motion? Bothered by the tangled earphone? Feel hurt after a long time of wearing the earbuds? Or probably all your gadgets die quickly in a freezing cold trip… Too many hassles of traditional earphones and walkie talkie may destroy your joy. Now. it's time to say goodbye to the old days!

LinkLens uses an innovative technology called Open Air Audio that keeps you immersed in your music without shutting out the world. The sound ports are designed with an intentional space in front of the ears to allow in a small amount of environmental sound that keeps you aware of your surroundings.

Unlike other in-ear headphones, this system puts no pressure on the ears, is helmet and hat compatible, and provides comfortable performance for all-day use.

LinkLens was created to elevate your audio experience and add a soundtrack to your adventures. With custom-built speakers and a specially engineered dual-chamber acoustic cavity that maintains separation of mids & highs in the front and rich, powerful bass in the back, LinkLens rocks your world. The embedded Bluetooth chip solution powers the audio processing for premium audio performance, along with battery life optimization and extension.

Always missing calls when fully enjoy the skiing? Not a problem for LinkLens! No need to remove your gloves or stop skiing, LinkLens allows you to answer or decline a call with just a single press and stay connected even while in motion! Fully enjoy your journey and never miss out on your calls!

Winter weather and snow sports present special challenges for gear. LinkLens has a unique Dual-mic Noise Cancellation that helps you hear clearly in windy conditions. 

The integrated dual-microphone is aligned with your mouth (triple-points-in-line design) to screen out wind noise and ensure clear and crisp sound for calls and voice commands.

 Ask your voice assistant (Siri, Google Voice or any other built-in voice assistant) for helpful information such as weather, set a reminder, or play music hands-free. LinkLens keeps you connected and in-touch anytime you need it.

For times when you need to better hear what is happening around you for safety, LinkLens has a special Single Ear Mode that lets you remain alert to your surroundings all the time or speak with someone nearby and hear them clearly without interrupting your audio experience. 

LinkLens features a quick one-button press that is gloves and mitten friendly for convenience, you can easily switch to Left/Right-ear mode to talk with others, or loop back to resume your adventure! 

Featuring a large spherical lens (184.8mm*73.2 mm), LinkLens provides a wider unobstructed & crystal clear view with a super-wide horizon. Enjoy the scenery with a 170° horizontal FOV as well as a 90° FOV in the vertical plane. With LinkLens you see more and avoid unexpected conditions.

Nothing is worse than trying to see through a set of steamed up goggles. LinkLens utilizes a double-walled, anti-fog lens design for a clear, safe view even in humid conditions.

For any ski goggles, comfort and performance under varying conditions is essential. LinkLens gets the job done with an ultra-lightweight design and triple-layer high-density foam that perfectly forms to the face for all-day comfort. When things get heated, the anti-fog lens and sweatproof side fur help keep the view clear and wicks away moisture. LinkLens is built to go as far as you want.

LinkLens smart audio goggles feature with glove-friendly buttons to control your phone even wearing gloves or mitten. When pressing the buttons under the goggles, the vibration motor will vibrate and the built-in LED light will on for intuitive feedback even on the fly!

 *For more details, please refer to the user manual.

LinkLens can handle anything that comes its way, reliable operating in temps from -20℃ - 60℃. It delivers unparalleled music time for up to 21 hours and phone calling time for over 23 hours during your whole adventure. LinkLens automatically activates the low-consumption mode if the audio is stopped for a while, which enables it 186 standby hours. You will never worry about the low battery dilemma anytime!

LinkLens uses a uni-body design with IPX4 snow/waterproof that keeps out snow or water through your adventure, bringing immersive audio with a carefree experience!

With an eight-point magnetic layout on the goggle frame, you can switch your lens in a fast and easy way. No more hassles of setting up the lens on the slope!

Look as good as you feel and let your individual style show through. LinkLens is available in an Arctic Vision Series, you can choose from Aurora Blue, Arctic Silver and Sunrise Pink to fit your style to let you stand out from the crowd with an expanded view.

LinkLens provides 3 different day-time lens with different VLT (Visible Light Transmission) for different weather conditions. All the lenses are 99% UV-resistant (UVA & UVB) to protect you from UV harm. Meanwhile, you can choose the Night Vision Lens for night skiing, it helps brighten trails and enhance visibility in dark or cloudy environments.

US $30 = CA $38
US $16 = CA $20

*We will send you a survey after our campaign ends to collect your color options and the shipping address.

When you amend your pledge value, the figure will appear in CAD. In this condition, please convert the add-on value into CAD as follow:

LinkLens Replacement Lens*1: US $30 = CA $38

LinkLens Night Vision Lens*1: US $16 = CA $20

RYIDAR is a Canada based, industry-leading company committed to developing the next generation of smart sporting equipment, software, and accessories. With a special focus on high-end smart wearable device for snow sports, we create products aimed at elevating the enthusiast's experience using innovative technology.

LinkLens is our latest and most exciting product that augments your journey with a superior music experience and the convenience of phone calls and voice assistants on the go. LinkLens delivers incredible audio for all your mountain adventures. At RYIDAR our goal is to utilize the best of technology to enhance and intensify your life’s journey.

Risks and challenges

Our company has years of experience in smart wearables and a history of successful product releases. We have reliable suppliers and excellent manufacturing partners, making us confident in our production schedule and delivery for LinkLens. However, we understand that challenges can occur even with a well-prepared and executed campaign. As always, our number one priority is to satisfy the promises we make to our backers. If any unexpected problems arise we will keep you updated and informed about how we are solving the issue. We are excited to bring LinkLens to the world and thank you for your support.

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