अगर आप महेसाणा से हो तो इन फेमस जगह को जरूर देखना चाहिए ? All famous mehsana place

 All famous mehsana place

Ajit Nath Temple in Taranga Hills | Mehsana |All famous mehsana place 

Ajit Nath Temple is located at Taranga Hills in Mehsana. one big derasar of god Ajit Nath is there. architecture of this temple is amazing. peaceful temple.

Nice temple located in Taranga hills. Very famous for Jains. It has a beautiful nature walk amongst the rock on the backside of the temple with a large cave on the top. The area is unexplored and need to keep local with you.

This one is a big Derasar of God Ajit Nath which is the main idol of this place.. beautifully carved architecture they have.. surrounding is also a big.. peaceful place

A very beautiful temple situated far from Mehsana. Own vehicle or taxi is must.Neat and clean Jain mandir. Tourists are not encouraged much but are not prohibited also.

A visit to Taragna hills is mainly for this temple.

An historical much reverred temple mostly visited by Jain community.

An earlier review on Taranga hills captures most of the features including Ajit Nath Temple.Has a go at that review too.


Sri Nemi Saraswati Dham Jain Tirth | All famous mehsana place

Ancient temple belonging to 2500 years back era was discovered just in the previous century in a unique sequence of events. When the place was unearthed, complete temple with 52 Jinalay was found intact. apparently then, no idols were present. again , with his Three days of fasting , the Idol of Nemnath along with 17 others appeared. Here the Saraswati devi Idol is very powerful.

To be here like full day visit as they are very big and require lots of time to understand the depth of this place.

Tirupati Natural and Water Park | All famous mehsana place

BEst place for enjoyment with your kids,friends and family,nice and big place,gaeden is beautiful,waterpark is nice.

Tirupati natural Park is situated on Visnagar-Unja Road, Mehsana. We have visited with family and friends. Garden is clean, lovely and well maintained. Notice board and information board are available at every place of garden for visitors.

There is group wise rides for children, youth and family. Place is good for one day PICNIC. All rides have different charges. Mostly rides are not working or under maintenance. Food store is available but not expectation for quality. One special ride flying fox in both side.

Rides of Place are as under …
- 3D Theatre at entry point
- - Water Fish ride for kids – not working
- Mini Columbus – good for kids
- - Bull rides – not working
- Ulta Pulta – not working
- - Break dance
- Eagle rides – good ride
- - Go carting

There is 4-5 High tech rides for Youth which are Disk Ride, electric Ride, Family ride, and Columbus ride. Couple and family can enjoy boating in the park.

Parking is available with normal fee. Vehicle are available from Mehsana and Ahmedabad.

25 km from Mehsana, 66 km from Gandhinagar and 90 km from Ahmedabad.

We have visited with friends. Garden was beautiful and well maintained. There was many rides and water park. Good to visit with family and kids.

We just visited there. Its good in terms of budget but management is very bad. They start waterpark at 12.30 PM stating maintenance which they can do anytime.
People walk on the slides but management guys does not care to stop them due to which it's not advisable to go with family in water park.
Tirupati garden restaurant is good option to eat there.
Small kids ride were closed because of No reason.

This is really heaven place in summer time as water gives most relaxing peace here. Winter less crowd.

Bliss Aqua World | All famous mehsana place

Bliss Aqua World is theme based water park located near Mehsana city in Gujarat. We are India's largest water park with more than 40 world class rides. Every ride has been passed through strict quality and safety checks to make sure it's 100% safe for users. Bliss has three multi cuisine restaurants,Largest kids play area,Biggest wave-pool in India as well!

Excellent water park .... best place to spend a day with family and friends......good quality food and service.... they also provide wheelchairs for elders...

Place is nice nad beautiful,pla e is big,enjoyment with your friends,family and kids, water is clean,many facility available.
its one of the biggest and largest water park of western india located near mehsana , you can book tickets online and also can buy over the counter there, but if you are going on holiday or weekend time crowd is very high

Bliss Aqua World, is amazing place located at unjha highway. it has a huge entrance . so many rides are available there. so much crowd are there at summer time. we had enjoyed a lot.

It was nice experience all rides arr wonderful. particularly wave-pulls with music its very amazing. enjoyed a lot

A few kilometers outside Mehsana this a fabulous well spread out property having a wide range of eateries (food court) , very well maintained inside as well as outside sitting places and impeccably clean rest rooms. The food counters are self service but the support staff is more than willing to assist and are very courteous and responsive. This highway property must one of the few in country which appear to ne professionally managed and focused at client service. Definitely a must stopover even if only for a cuppa tea, though they have everything one may desire to eat.

As you can easily reach water park, As it was located on Mehsana Palanpur highway, reach early in the morning 8:30 to 9:00 a.m. so that you can enjoy the whole day in water park. Water park closing at 6 p.m. in evening. Don't eat too much if you want to enjoy all rides.

Mast enjoyable place , 1 of the most weter park in india , and big place , bid raider and big swimming pool available

Excellent water park .... best place to spend a day with family and friends......good quality food and service.... they also provide wheelchairs for elders...

Place is nice nad beautiful,pla e is big,enjoyment with your friends,family and kids, water is clean,many facility available.

its one of the biggest and largest water park of western india located near mehsana , you can book tickets online and also can buy over the counter there, but if you are going on holiday or weekend time crowd is very high

Bliss Aqua World, is amazing place located at unjha highway. it has a huge entrance . so many rides are available there. so much crowd are there at summer time. we had enjoyed a lot.

What a place it is, Must visit if you live in Gujarat or near by areas. All thrilling rides and huge wave pool like no other. Must Visit!
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Thol Lake Bird Sanctuary | All famous mehsana place

Its awesome bird sanctuary and lake is also there at the early morning near about 5.30 should go for the sunrise and see the different different birds...

Visited Thol during diwali vacation...very nice place...lake is filled with more water..but not able see any birds around lake due to off season...

This is the best place for bird watchers and nature lovers to spend some quality time with nature. I could see hundreds of flamingos, pelicans, geese, spoonbills, egrets, all around the lake. The sunset at Thol is something you cannot miss. Parking is available.

Awesome place for winter one day picnic.
And good place for photography and shouting.
Amazing Experience

Best place for wildlife lovers. You can have good photograph from your DSLR. Nice place for couple as well

Just 24 kms from Ahmedabad this is a well connected place by road for bird watchers.

Go well prepared with food,snacks,water supplies and all these are scarce inside.

Part with some entry fee at the entrance and move another 1 km to entrance point and garden.The fees vary on weekdays and weekends.Prefer weekdays mainly for less crowd.

The shallow waters of the lake serve as a perfect landing ground for the migratory birds and you can in solitary view their landings and take-offs.

Spend as much time as you can and be loaded with birds albums to rewind later.


The place is serene and beautiful. Paradise for any bird-lover or if you just want to go for a picnic. Binoculars are a must. Better take some food (tea/coffee, sandwiches/parathas,etc) to enjoy better (no good places to eat nearby). Best time to reach is soon after sunrise (6:30am).
Should also visit Kanjari Black Buck park 10min from the sanctuary. You'll find a bamboo spotting deck beside the highway where you can climb and spot deer through binoculars. Don't forget to bring some warm clothes as it can be pretty cold during early morning next to the lake.
Tip: You need to pay Rs.500 per car to take it inside the sanctuary and park it 1km from the main barrigate. Better, park the car outside for free, pay just Rs.50/person and walk along the lake for 10min to reach the main spot.

Had taken a 7x binoculars and 5" telescope. The birds are plentiful and too lovely. Did get a feeling that this place should be reserved only for birds and not be a tourist or public place. There is a rest house and eatery in the campus. Large parking place is also available. Entry and camera are charged a nominal fee.

Smvs Shri Swaminarayan Mandir | All famous mehsana place

Tempke is loocking so nice and beautiful,temple is cleane and nice,architecture of temple is so nice.

its one of the beautifully built swaminarayan temple situated at mehsana location. the ambiance is really unique and heart touching.

Very good stone made Temple. The Architecture is Excellent and memorable. You will feel very proud when you see this Temple's Architecture. On request you can meet Sh. Swami ji.

We stayed in Mahesana whilst visiting the Patan (the Rani ki vav) and the Sun Temple at Modhera but we did not know about this temple, which was close to our hotel. It was a very lovely surprise. We spent some hours here relaxing and enjoying the comings and goings at the temple. The people we met, priests and temple visitors, were very nice, friendly and informative.

Simandhar Swami Jain Temple | All famous mehsana place

Very large temple complex
Good food n rooms to stay available
On d main road
Check food timing
Good number of people all d time

This temple is located on the highway. It is Jain temple. It has big idol of Lord Simandhar Swami. It is big complex, which has facilities of boarding lodging for the visitors.

I am not a very religious person but this temple was so peaceful and majestic that I was amazed. Built in 1972 it holds a massive idol of Srimandhar Swami. Surrounded by a huge campus with ample parking it was a great experience even though we reached there late in the afternoon. All my fatigue was washed away as I sat in the main temple sanctum. A must visit for Jain devotees and also as a tourist attraction.

Very beautiful. On ahmedabad mehsana highway. Bhojanshala dhamashala available.. Peaceful and white marble carvings.

the Jain one of 20 viharmaan tirthankar shri Simandharswami is there in the temple big pratima of him gives us peace of mind here
samovasaran made of metal is really amazing must visit when you are going to modhera sun temple

Thol Lake | All famous mehsana place

Lake is big and beautiful, winter in lake is loocking so beautiful and nice,place is attractive place.

This place is birder paradise with a small lake and less of people. Esp during Oct/Nov till March lot of migratory birds visit.

This is famous and big lake located in Thol village. There was many different bird came from different countries. Really good experience.

We reached Thol by 6. The place was so much peaceful. We could see some flamingoes; cormorants and various ducks and other water birds. The facilities seems to be in tatters. The toilets were broken; foot path in state of disrepair. Such an important wet land deserves better attention.

Great lake, you got to see beautiful lake, birds and surrounding. Worthwhile your visit, only 25 Km from Ahmedabad. Enjoyed also Thol village schools, saw sardar Patel statue and temples.

Aglod Jain Tirth | All famous mehsana place

A renovated Jain tirth (temple) remotely located around 1.30 hrs from Ahmedabad.

Clean and tidy place.

Worth visiting during winter.

Overnight stay facility also available.

A devotional & peaceful Jain temple, temple of shri Manibhadravir beside it. Good Dharmashala & Bhojanshala is available.

Respected Jain Temple, known for Lord Manibhadra Vir ji, whose worshipping is known to heal all (it is said). Serenity of the temple place, woos the heart.

It is very near to Ahmedabad approximately 45 km as per my belief. Manibhadra vir is a weapons to save us devil. Less visitor's are going there only for Darshan & praying. No facilities of foods here. It will takes only maximum 3 ours. You must to go by car. Thanks.

This belongs to Mani Bhadra Veer Dev whose temples are located also in ujjain and another place. There is a folklore attached to the importance of this. One needs to understand the same from the pujari. You offer sukhdi to the god and ask for all your wishes to come true. Sarva Karya Siddhim
There is a big jain temple adjacent to this place and also bhojnalaya. Staying arrangements are also there called dharamshala

This is definitely not in mehsana but maybe falls in mehsana district which I am not sure .
It is 45 minutes drive from Mehsana and 25 minutes from Mahudi/Visnagar

Dharoi Dam | All famous mehsana place

Dharoi Dam located on Sabarmati River in Kheralu, District Mehsana. Basically it is water reservoir of Gujarat government. We visited this beautiful Damsite with friends in last week. When we were reach there, we enjoyed of this beautiful place with great scenery. You can use this place as a PICNIC place.

Go there & enjoy clean air and beautiful scenery. No entrance Fee & no permission require to visit this place. Food is not available there.

Before visit the Damsite, there is small checkpoint where Police is checked your detail, so please take your driving licence. suggest to visit in rainy day's.

It was very nice experience at Dharoi Damsite.

Distance from Mehsana is 82 KM & from Gandhinagar 104 KM. have to go with personal or private vehicle. Nearest place to visit is Tarang Hill.

The view at the dam site is good. There was less water in the reservoir when we visited. They dont allow you to go to the dam top as it's prohibited

It's a huge lake dammed by the Dharoi dam,

Calm, peaceful, a misty effect hangs over the water creating a mysterious atmosphere

This dam is very near to mehsana. Dharoii dam was provided water in Ahmedabad, before sardar sarovar very big dam. Now this dam provides water in Sabarkantha & mehsana , & few water in pagan district. I would sujjest travelling person instead of this dam please kindly go to Sardar Sarover big dam in Rajpipla District. Sardar patel largest statues is here. Residence, food breakfast facilities are here. Every body with children also can enjoys here. State transport bus is going there. Stays only for two days only. Thanks.

this place is just 5 miles away from where i live ,we go there to swim by the bay ,the water is always cold and during the winters it's chilling ,but you have to be careful because the flow of the water is too good to take you away with it , I'd advice to enter under a guided supervision.

Bahuchar Mata Temple | All famous mehsana place

Temple is nice and beautiful,art of temple is so good,one of shaktipith temple in gujarat,temple is big and cleane.

Its our Mataji's temple its so nice place to visit its so large and old temple of Bahuchar Maa.nice place

we were very lucky to visit this on a festival day during Diwali, and hence lot of acitvity was going on. WOnderful spellbinding architecutre awaits your eyes, and its very nice wheelchair facility is also there, and hence very friendly for such people who need wheelchair.

Very nice and old temple and considered as one of the shaktiptih. They have original idol placed in a tree hole.
Here transgenders are one of the biggest devotees.

This miracle & holy temple at Bahucharji in the name of Bahuchar Mata. Very attractive Murti. Iwil not tell statue. This miracle & fulfill ours needs. Near Shankhalpur same multi is there Bhojan prasadi means lunch is giving here but I will sujjest to eat outside on high way good restaurant. From mehsanato this place may be 50km as per my belief. Out side India visitor go for Darshan both place. It will takes 2 to 3 hours only. Jai ho Bahucher Mata ki.

Kirti Toran | All famous mehsana place

The 'Toran', called the 'Kirti Stambha' Temple Arch in different areas, is a semi-religious or community shape that prospered under the Solanki govern in Gujarat. Two of the finest cases are at Vadnagar. At one time, both more likely than not been associated with a sanctuary, not a hint of which now remains. The Toran of Vadnagar in GujaratOf the two, the one that remained at what was the building of Rewah, is a genuinely forcing structure. Relatively total and a normal case of its kind, it ascends to an 

aggregate stature of 40 feet. It comprises of two gigantic and expand sections, supporting a wide cornice, above which rises a vaulted pediment, containing figures. The columns are outlined with an upper story or storage room, between which is tossed an elaborate cusped curve, making the impact of a passage more clear. Every one of the parts framing the 'toran' are formulated on an indistinguishable standards from those utilized in the sanctuary outline.

Sun Temple Waav | All famous mehsana place

The Sun Temple is a Hindu sanctuary devoted to the sun powered god Surya situated at Modhera town of Mehsana region, Gujarat, India. It is arranged on the bank of the waterway Pushpavati. It was 

worked after 1026-27 CE amid the rule of Bhima I of the Chaulukya tradition. No love is offered now and is secured landmark kept up by Archeological Survey of India. The sanctuary complex has three 

parts: Gudhamandapa, the hallowed place corridor; Sabhamandapa, the get together lobby and Kunda, the repository. The lobbies have complicatedly cut outside and columns. The store has ventures to achieve base and ious little hallowed places.

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