How to increase jio speed in a simple way for 2021

Jio APN Settings for faster 4G internet in India; Learn how to change APN settings for Reliance Jio fast way
Jio APN Settings will help you access faster 4G internet for better work from home experience. Here's a step-by-step guide to access and modify APN settings.
jio apn settings for increase jio speed
All Mobile network operator companies provide APN (access point) settings to their users to access internet services. However, every company has its unique access point and almost an equivalent internet configuration. The configuration name for Reliance Jio APN is 'Jionet'. An individual can easily make Reliance Jio APN on their smartphone.
How to use Reliance Jio APN Settings on android smartphones'
Open your mobile's Settings app or Settings option.
Click on "Mobile Network" or "Sim & Network" setting.
Go to "Jio 4G" option and open "Access points names".
Create a replacement Internet setting or edit the present one. (Reliance Jio APN Settings Details)
Connection Name: Internet
APN (Access Point): Jionet
Authentication Type: PAP
APN Type: default
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
Bearer: LTE
(Click on Menu and then Save to save this new Jio internet setting.)
Setup Reliance Jio Internet Settings on Windows smartphone
Go to Settings on your Windows smartphone
Click on the 'Mobile+GSM' option.
Set Data roaming option to 'Don't Roam'.
Set the connection speed to '4G'
Then, go back and open the 'Access point' option.
Now click on 'Add icon'.
Connection Name: Jio
Set APN to - jionet
Finally, Press OK to make this setting active.
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How to Change Jio 4G Settings or Jio APN Settings on your iPhone devices'
Connect your iPhone to a remote WiFi connection.
Open browser app and then go to ''
as soon because the site opens, scroll right down to the 'Create APN' option.
Choose 'Reliance Jio' from the drop-down list.
Finally, click on the 'Create APN' Option.
You will be asked to install the profile on the new page.
Click on the Install option to install Jio APN settings.
Increase Speed Of Reliance Jio : 2 Tricks To Instantly Increase Your Jio 4G Speed Upto 95MBps

increase Jio speed fast way
What’s more annoying than having a 4G connection but slow internet speed? Nothing.
Nothing is more annoying when you’re watching an online video and it suddenly starts buffering. Or you’re browsing through social media and the images don’t even load!
When Jio was first launched in 2016, it said to be one of the fastest network providers in India. People would stand in lines for hours to get one Jio sim. But it was worth it, at least at that time.
When 1GB of data cost about ₹250 and recharge plans were insanely costly, Jio arrived like a charm and gave free data, free Talktime, free SMS for months. It forced other providers to decrease their own data plans and here we are today when 1.5GB of data costs less than ₹5! Surprising, isn’t it?
Now according to Wikipedia and other verified sources, about 370 million (370,000,000) people use Jio today’s date. Now let’s dive into the main question here. How to actually increase Jio speed?
Though it really depends upon the location and a lot of factors like how far you’re from Jio network area, your handset configuration, etc.
Below we’ve listed 10 possible tricks to extend speed of jio. Read the whole post, do the necessary steps, and at the end of the post you may get the highest network speed available in your area.
Trick 1 :
How To Increase Jio Speed By Changing APN :
How to increase Jio speed by changing APN
In the first method, we'll mention the way to increase Jio network speed by changing your default APN.
Steps :
Go to the settings option on your phone
Visit mobile network option from settings
Go to jio sim settings
Click on Access Point Name or APN settings of your Jio sim
Click on create New APN settings then enter the subsequent APN as mentioned below
APN Settings To Increase Jio Network Speed :
Name :
APN: Jionet
APN type: Default
Proxy: Not set
Password: Not set
MMSC: Not set
MMS port: Not set
MCC: 450
MNC: 840
Authentication Type: Not set
APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
After applying the following settings your Jio 4g network speed can go all the way upto 20Mbps or even more.
Trick 2 :
How To Increase Jio 4G Speed And Band Coverage :
band is basically a network frequency at which a network service provider offers connections to its users. Different network providers use different bands. Jio offers 4G band on Band 3, Band 5, and Band 40.
This should give you a brief idea of how band really works :
Best coverage : Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40
Best speed : Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5
Steps :
Open dialer in your phone and dial *#*#4636#*#*
Select the option Phone information
Click on set the preferred network type
Select LTE only
Steps to increase Jio internet speed for Qualcomm processor :
First, install the Shortcut Master (Lite) app from play store
After installing, go to Menu then click on the search option
Type “Service Menu” or “Engineering Mode” and click on on the search
Open if found and access to vary LTE bands
Steps to extend Jio net speed for MediaTek processor :
Firstly, you need to install MTK Engineering Mode from play store
After installing, run the application
Go to ‘MTK Settings’
Then select ‘BandMode’
Select the SIM slot where you have placed your Jio sim
Select ‘LTE Mode’
Now select Band 5 for the best coverage and Band 40 for the best speed

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